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Front Line PPE Innovation

My Mighty Shield™ is a portable PPE desk shield that is currently the only PPE on the market that can be folded into a compact 11”X11” size. This innovative feature allows the shield to fit easily into a backpack, binder or tote. The compact design also minimizes storage requirements of bulky equipment.

MyMighty Shield™ conveniently goes where you & your loved ones go.

My Mighty Shield’s ergonomic design provides user comfortability that is much more conducive for group interaction while minimizing social distancing. My Mighty Shield’s non-invasive feature is important for effective group interaction, particularly for users with eye glasses or with learning disabilities.

Getting Students back to school & Parents back to work safely.

Color Options




We have a configuration for every application.

My Mighty Shield™ also configurable to multiple shapes and sizes for various classroom seating arrangements or small group activities, creating a barrier and ensuring the user is protected. It is easy to use, easy to carry and easy to clean. My Mighty Shield is the most portable compact PPE on the market today.q

12 Panel

Multitude of Materials

Materials range from acrylic plating, glass finishes, PVC, Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PET), with different thicknesses. These different material types offer rigidity to the product to sustain structure. These materials can also be UV, tinted, and offer a variety of colors. These materials also pair well with usage of alcoholic wipes to rid of unwanted germs when stowing away.

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Portability is key...

My Mighty Shield™ is easily foldable and able to be put into a sleeve or backpack and carry with you on the go. Whether you are going to class, eating at a bench, going to the office, or anything in between, the MyMighty Shield™ is there to create a barrier for your needs.

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